Campus Ambassador Program

The O’Brien Veterinary Group is committed to providing networking and career development opportunities for students at all stages of their academic journey. Our Campus Ambassadors assist in coordinating on-site educational experiences for their class-mates. Ambassador positions are available for 2nd and 3rd year students enrolled in a college of veterinary medicine.

About this Student Experience

At O’Brien Veterinary Group, we recognize the individuality of the veterinary programs as well as their students, and we work to find areas of academic and clinical interest that will help further the knowledge base, advance clinical proficiency, or spark a new passion. A member of our team will work directly with you to determine hands-on wet lab and lecture topics that would most benefit the student body. Together you will coordinate events and you will have the opportunity to network with student organizations and your fellow veterinary medicine students.

You will also serve as a point of contact for class-mates seeking information on summer apprenticeships, externship rotations, and post-graduation employment in order to put them in contact with the O’Brien team member who can best serve their needs.

As a Campus Ambassador, you will gain experience in:

  • Communication and Professional Interpersonal Relationships
  • Event Organization and Coordination
  • Externship and Student Opportunities Programs for Continued Education
  • Networking with Individuals and Groups

Please contact us if you are interested.