Our Company

Respect. Independence. Innovation.

The O'Brien Veterinary Group was founded on the idea that veterinary medicine is best left to veterinarians. With our very first practice and every day since, we have focused on running the "back end” business centrally, with each practice individually determining the kind of veterinary practice that's best for their patients, clients, and communities.

This arrangement, unusual in the veterinary industry, gives the practices of the O'Brien Veterinary Group the ability to compete on value while providing pets with the very best of care.

We offer our team members competitive pay and benefits, while maintaining the financial strength to support continued investment in our practices.

As a family-owned, family-run business, we believe in hard work, and in the value of work-life balance. We are dedicated to making sure our veterinarians, technicians and staff are able to fulfill and advance themselves professionally -- and still be able to attend a child’s soccer game or have lunch with an aging parent. Good work, good life and promises kept: These are the things we value, and that's how we do business.

Our Teams

The O'Brien Team

Founders Greg and Emily O'Brien brought their acumen in business, science and education into the veterinary industry, and soon realized they'd found their life's work. In the O'Brien offices you'll find a small group of veterinary industry professionals who believe in the profession and in the important work veterinarians do in their communities.

Our Veterinary Teams

Veterinary professionals in our practices make the medical decisions. It's an arrangement we believe is best for providing pets with care, and team members with job satisfaction. We think we're doing something right: It's not unusual for practice owners to stay on beyond a transition period because they’re enjoying the work they do again.

Be a part of something special

Whether you're looking to retire and sell your practice, or are starting your career in veterinary medicine, chances are you'll like what you hear when you contact us.

We guarantee that whether you end up working with O'Brien or not, you'll take away something of true value. We promise to respect, to listen and to help you take the next step.